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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  April 12, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. tragedy marks the nuclear summit tonight. a motorcade involved in a fatal collision. plus disturbing new video involving local police. a camera shows cops beating a college student. also, topper is tracking an end to the sunny weather. find out when the rain will start. this is 9news now. >> and after a day of extraordinary security, rerouted traffic and an unprecedented number of motorcades on the streets of washington, tranl de strikes. >> a -- tragedy strikes. >> a military vehicle collided with a woman on a bicycle killing her instantly. andrea joins us life. >> reporter: a traumatized tourist from san diego watched the fatal collision while sitting in the window of a restaurant at this intersection. she said it all happened so fast there was nothing she could do, including shield her children, ages 7 and 5 from a horrifying
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sight. this five-ton military vehicle normally used to move cargo and personnel was part of the unprecedented security detail generated by the nuclear security summit. it moved into action as a diplomatic motorcade rolled past. >> i don't know who was in the motorcade. our assignment was to block the intersection as the motorcade came through. >> reporter: the two military trucks pulled forward to block 12th street. standard procedure is for a person on the ground to help guide the trucks into position and ensure the safety of on lockers. >> every time we move a vehicle, there is a guide. that is the only investigation. if you look at the video to make sure that the pedestrians didn't roll into the path of the truck as it was moving. but there was a guide holding the crowd back at this time. >> reporter: the video to which he referred was captured by a local news photographer who was shooting the motorcade as it headed to the convention center
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to take part in the nuclear security summit just a few blocks away. >> all we do know is it appears to be an a dault female at this time. >> reporter: the -- an adult female cyclist. >> reporter: nothing like this has ever happened before. the investigation is ongoing. reporting live from northwest washington, andrea 9news now. >> and tomorrow will be the last day of the global nuclear summit but many of the road and metro closures will last into tomorrow night. here are the streets shut down. the mount vernon metro station is also closed until late tomorrow. plus up to 13 metro bus lines will continue to be detoured. for a full list of the closures, go to meantime, inside the summit, president obama welcomed leaders from 46 nations all gather to confront one of the grave est threats of global security. there are an estimated 3.5 million pounds of loose nuclear material hanging out in
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at least 50 nations, and military stations and research universities, that is about enough to make 120,000 nuclear bombs. and groups like al qaeda are trying to obtain those materials and they would not hesitate to use them. that according to the president's top terrorism adviser. >> we cannot wait any longer before we lockdown these stock piles because we don't want to have any type of material that fall into the hands of terrorist groups because the results will be devastating. >> today the ukraine announced it would get rid of its stockpile by 2012. and the united states and china announced they're working to put the pressure on iran to end that nation's program. chile highly enriched uranium has already been shipped to the country. new at 11:00, at least one person is dead. another injured after a shooting in maryland. it happened around 7:30 near central avenue and cindy lane in
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capitol heights. no word yet if any arrests have been made. the name of the victims have not been released. prince george's county police are suspending one officer and investigating others who took part in this beating last month in college park. assault charges against two college kids have been dropped and now it's police officers who may be charged with crimes. our gary nurenberg has the video that turned the table. >> reporter: watch the dancing man on the upper right hands in the air as he approaches a police line on march 3rd after students took to the street after a basketball game. he is john mckenna, the grandson of a judge. he is charged with assaulting police. the charging documents say he "struck those officers and their horses causing minor injuries" and was kicked by the horses and sustained minor injuries. >> there is not a single fact in that statement of charges that is true. and that can only be the result
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of a deliberate attempt to cover up misconduct. >> i'm outraged. i'm outraged. >> reporter: the charges have been dropped. police are suspending the one officer identified so far. >> we're in the process of identifying the other officers and we will conduct an internal investigation and there is going to be some accountability for these actions. >> reporter: perhaps criminal charges. >> when they're done with that initial investigation, we'll take it to the grand jury stage and then we'll see where we go from there. >> reporter: the police chief says he'll apologize to the student. >> it is unacceptable. there is no one that deserves this type of treatment. no one. >> reporter: well, the student may appreciate the apology but it is not all he wants. he and another student against whom charges have also been dropped plan to sue. if they win, tax players will foot the bill for beatings administered by county police. anita. >> the justice department has investigated prince george's county police before, correct? many times. >> any idea they're going to do this now. >> reporter: in this particular case we asked and the u.s. attorney's office says we don't
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confirm or deny investigations. but witnesses in this case have been contacted by investigators, so it seems an investigation is under way. interestingly, anita, the police chief nor the state's attorney say they have been notified by the feds that an investigation is on. >> all right. meantime the president of james madison university is calling the violence at this weekend's spring fest an embarrassment to the school. police had to use tear gas and pepper spray to break up a block party of more than 8,000 people. officers arrested more than 30 after several fights wrote out. they criticized this behavior. the university plans to speak with students, police and local residents to find out how to avoid similar situations in the future. right now alexandria police are looking for a man wanted for stabbing his own child to death. officers believe simon asfeha killed his three-year-old daughter and the child's mother
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20-year-old seble tessema. he attacked the pair yesterday. they believe he may have been married to tessema at one point but did not live in the apartment recently. >> it's just horrible to think that a man could do that to his own and his girlfriend. there is a lot of people that find their way back. it's not just the buildings had a lot of issues with trespassers. it's not a first time. >> officers believe asfeha may have been in the area because he has family members here. if you've seen him, though, please call the police. and now to the latest on the massive shooting out at south east dc. the teenager accused will remain behind bars. prosecutors charged the 19-year-old for the murder of jordan howe on march 22nd. eight days later four people died in a drive-by shooting. they have charged his brother and two others in that shooting. in court today, the judge ruled there is enough evidence against carter to move forward.
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according to the new york daily news, a new suspect will soon be extradited to the u.s. because of an alleged plot to bomb the new york subway system. that suspect was just picked up in pakistan. he was said to be a student in queens. he confessed to his role in the incident. he reportedly told prosecutors that members of a terrorist cell plan to strap bombs to their bodies and head to grand central and time square stations and board trains at the a height of rush hour. >> this was one of the most serious terrorists threat to our nation since september 11th, 2001. >> again, the newly arrested suspect is being brought back to the u.s.. his role in the plot unclear. the second highest authority in the vatican says sex scandals dogging the catholic church are
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linked to homosexuality, not any -- they have demonstrated there is no relation between pedophilia. back here in the united states, the maryland state house is deadlocked on the final day of the session in the attempt to overhaul the state's sex offender laws. delegates and defendants have agreed on some 86s, but the one hangup is over the length of mandatory sentences for child sex offenders. >> we want to give judges as much discretion as we can because we think individual justice is the best justice. >> the difference between the two sides is just five years. delegates and senators have until midnight to hammer out a compromise and this bill carries a lot of emotional weight. it's named for sarah foxwell, an 11-year-old girl that was kidnapped and murdered just four years ago in maryland. are cyclists safe under existing laws? maryland lawmakers consider a
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new rule tonight. and when have you to go, you have to go. one airlines new toilet tax plan. no, your eyes aren't fooling you, they're really going that fast. the world's fastest cup stackers. top. >> this is a great country or what? i tell you. 73 today. getting cooler now. we'll take you out with your wakeup weather. we think it's going to be dry at 8:00. maybe a little drizzle. but temperatures 44-52. winds northeasterly at ten. we'll come back. i'm actually speaking the forecast now for this afternoon. we'll tell you when the rain roles in and just how cool it's going to stay for a while. full forecast next.
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. this just in, maryland lawmakers have passed a bill giving cyclists more room on the road. maryland's 2010 general assembly ends at midnight. they made their decision to pass the law requiring drivers give cyclist at least three feet of leeway. last year a 42-year-old died after a car hit him while he was cycling on a rural road. tonight his widow spoke to 9news now. >> bikers are mothers and fathers, sons and daughters. and you have to consider them when you're driving. we have as a culture we just need to slow down. >> 20 other states have some
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version of this three-foot rule. but virginia's legislature rejected the method. police in dumfries are trying to figure out how a 12-year-old boy ended up with a semi automatic handgun. >> i did one project with him and we kind of became friends during that project. >> are you surprised that he would bring a gun to school? >> yes. because i don't expect that from anybody. >> investigators say a teacher on bus duty noticed the young man pointing the gun at his own head outside of the middle school and quickly intervened. the child was restrained and held for police that discovered the weapon wasn't loaded and the boy didn't have any ammunition. school officials say other students were never in jeopardy. prosecutors have charged the boy with possessing a gun on school property, and that means an automatic 365-day expulsion. the chevy chase section of northwest dc has been hit with a string of home burglaries. burglaries have been from 28th-36th street. they've entered in the back of the house when residents are still there usually in the
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afternoon or evening. >> you don't want to leave valuable items near windows because if burglars see that, they'll give incentive to come in to break into a house. you also want to make sure that you lock your doors and windows, activate any alarms and also it's good to give an impression that someone is home when you're out. >> police are stepped up patrols in that area, and they urge neighbors to report any suspicious activity. turning now to the deadly mine explosion in west virginia, today friends and family members held a moment of silence in tribute to the 29 miners killed last week. the blast rocked the massey energy upper big branch mine in mount cole just 45 miles south of charleston. the governor led the ceremony in honor of the dead. >> every person in america understand it's the hard work in west virginia that made this country what it is. >> president obama ordered all flags in the state flown at half
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staff today. taking a look now at news from across the nation. >> you don't use gasoline to start a grill. it's needless. >> in minnesota, a man died after a barbecue explosion. police say a charcoal grill blew up after someone used gasoline to light it. a 12-year-old boy was burned in the accident. the man who heard the blast and tried to help died. in texas a little girl died after a horse accidentally trampled her. the horse got startled and tossed the girl and mom off. the horse stepped on the child's head and killed her. the mother suffered back and neck injuries. and in florida, students taking to the streets to protest a newbill that would link teacher's salary to student test scores. the florida legislature passed the bill and now it's on the way to the governor's desk. the school district also expected teachers to call in
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sick to protest that bill. caught on tape, a dramatic water rescue. it happened in california. witnesses say a car crashed near a canal but heavy rain forced it into the water and downstream about 300 feet. it took rescue teams two attempt to save an unconscious woman from the canal. they took her to the hospital in serious conditions. officials say another person in that accident died. they're still looking for a third victim. the cause of the wreck is now under investigation. taking a look now at stories that had our newsroom talking, the days of flying the friendly skies may be numbered. you can still fly, it just boent be all that friend -- won't be all that friendly. one airline is now going to make you pay to go to the bathroom. even more. ryan air is introducing their toilet tax. the coin operated bathrooms are expected to launch over the summer. earlier this month, we told you about spirit airlines which is charging 45 bucks for carry on bags if they have to go in the overhead compartment. new york senator plans to ask the treasury department to end
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the loophole which allows airlines to charge those carry on fees. and yet another story that had folks in our newsroom talking. we found a list of some of the craziest traffic laws from all across the country. in san francisco, for example, it is illegal to wipe your vehicle with used underwear. in palm springs, it's forbidden to walk a camel down the street between 4:00 and 6:00 at night and in tennessee it's illegal to hunt from a moving vehicle. but if you're hunting whales, that is okay. >> all good things to know. all right. a high school junior in iowa has made her prom dress out of chewing gum wrappers. she made not only the dress but her boyfriend's jacket. >> that actually looks really cool. >> it's not clear how many wrappers it took. that one is not so cool. elizabeth says she stopped counting when she got to 200. so how did she come up with this idea? >> i heard somebody made a dress out of duct tape or something one time so i said what is cool.
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>> elizabeth said, wait a minute, she didn't chew all of that gum. she gave them out to friends who gave them the wrappers back. 700 of the world's fastest sports stackers faced off in denver over the weekend. they had to stack plastic cups into pyramids and then break them down as quickly as possible. man, they are fast, huh? the annual championship had stackers from 18 different countries ranging in age from 4-80. >> how do you get into that? >> look at tom. >> that's it. >> do it again. >> that would have won. >> look at that. >> against an 80-year-old, you might have had a shot. >> i know what i'm doing. i remember watching that, though. i came across that one night late at night on a sports channel at about 3:00 a.m.. >> did you do that? >> i can't go to the bathroom. i have to pay. >> [. [ laughing ] >> all right. i'll loan you a quarter. we are looking at a big
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change tomorrow. 15-degree cooler and a little light rain and drizzle on the way. the next three days, we were 73 today. only 58 tomorrow. i have cleaned up wednesday a little bits. i think it's going to be a pretty decent day. partly cloudy, cool, 62. but skies are clear pretty quickly. and then very nice on thursday. warm and 73. overnight clouds on the increase and chilly. also widen the range here a little bit tonight. 45-54. and we talked about that on the twitter. winds northeasterly at about ten. now, we get into the morning, mostly cloudy and chilly. a little drizzle is possible. we might make it through the morning rush dry. temps in the 40s and 50s and winds still persist out of the northeast at ten. and howard is here with the bus stop forecast at 4:25 in the morning. by afternoon slightly cooler. lyle rain or drizzle. not enough to come but have an impact on the evening commute.
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winds northeasterly at about ten. satellite picture radar combined, here is our little light rain and showers pushing through detroit now. it's going to move southeast ward right through. it's almost down the river. and most of it will hold off until we get into the afternoon hours tomorrow. i can't promise you won't have any drizzle with that northeasterly flow, but most of it will hold off until the afternoon. in the meantime, clouds are just starting to increase. and we'll stay dry at least through tonight. and, again, not a big storm heading our way. zone forecast all six zones on our website at oakland should make it back into the low 50s. mid 50s for cumberland and we're looking at mid to upper 50s hagerstown and i think rain and showers could get out here as early as lunch time around noon. cull pep eyou'll make it to -- culpeper, you'll make it to 61. everyone else will struggle to get out of the 50s. why? winds northeast. ocean temperatures in the 50s. we kind of struggle. downtown upper 50s. upper 50s in gaithersburg. andrews down towards charles county and into st. mary's county. 59 for annapolis.
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light winds, though, good news. no small craft advisory for the bay or tidal potomac. 62 on wednesday. we kind of clean wednesday up a little bit and beautiful on thursday. we're talking temperatures back into the low 70s, mid 70s on friday. showers possible on friday but certainly not a washout. cooler over the weekend. maybe a little drizzle early saturday and then we do rebound nicely sunday and monday. >> thanks a lot, top. this is one of the season where if the camps don't win the stanley cup, it's not mission accomplished. >> the whole hockey league is looking on them as the team to beat. the caps get ready for their playoff opener and deal with the pressure. plus jason campbell wants to leave but will he? new developments in his story coming up. [ male announcer ] thank you, heat oven.
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> from a hockey standpoint, you couldn't ask for two more contrasting components. but starting thursday the caps will be the ones favored to rewrite hockey history. that's when they get together for game one of the playoffs. much have been made of the caps. but in the last 25 years, only seven such teams have gone on to win the stanley cup, and that is all that matters. >> this is what you play the whole year for. this is what -- this is what is important. because at the end of the day, no one is going to think who won the president's cup. everybody is going to be talking who won the stanley cup. so that's what our goal is. >> here is the schedule for the first round. first two games in dc thursday, saturday. games 3 and 4 in montreal. game five back here and then
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they alternate. jason marquis won 15 games a year ago. that's why the nats gave him a two-year deal. he's going to be a good pitcher for the team, he just hasn't been yet. in two starts now he's pitched eight innings given up 13 runs. the 3-3 nats visiting the phillies. that is josh for the nats. he had the grand slam yesterday jacking another one today. nats lead 1-0. then in the 4th, marquis up with the bases loaded. helps himself with a little spray double down the line. nats led 4-0 in this game. but marquis was kind of getting razeled. he argues he gets tossed. phillies score five in the 5th. that is polanco. o's tonight still looking for their second win of the year. hosting the rays. tied in the 5th. adam jones almost gets it. and almost is how you turn a single into a triple. carl crawford scores. birds drop to 1-6. jason campbell's day of putting
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on a smile and accepting the redskins in dig nities appear to be -- in dignities appear to be over. however, he signed his $3.1 million tender today with the skins which takes him off the market as a restricted free agent. the only way he can leave now is through a trade. but so far no takers. second to last game for the wizards tonight at the garden facing the knicks looking good for the wizards. up seven in the 4th boykins to mcgee. now they're up nine. but over the next eight minutes, the knicks went from nine down to 11 up. rodriguez for three. wizards drop their 56th of the year. 11 point margin. finally, padres and rockies today. tony guinn junior knocks it out
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of his hand. >> darn it. >> and then he had to get out there and get the glove back. >> he had to get the guy to come on the wrong side of the wall. >> oh, my goodness. we'll be right back. [ beeping ]
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